New Preorders, 19th June 2021

UK Pricing for this weekend’s new preorders. Note that the preorder period for these will be two weeks, not the usual one week. This has been common for the past few launch releases for Warhammer.

Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar – Dominion : £125

The Limited Edition launch box for the new edition. Think back to Indomitus for 40K – this is intended as a collector’s item. You do *not* need this to play the new edition, and there will likely be proper beginner’s boxes later for new players. However, you may want to pick it up for the miniatures content. Includes a special edition of the Core Book – the exact same content as the standard edition, but with a full-art cover.

Age of Sigmar Core Book : £40

The standard hardcover edition of the Core Book for the new edition. Other than the cover having a title on it, it’s identical to the one in the Dominion set.

Age of Sigmar Realmscape Objective Set : £30

A set of plastic objectives that could also double as scenery items.

Age of Sigmar Path to Glory Diary : £20

The record sheets you need for Path to Glory games, in a neat format. Or you could just wait for the inevitable downloads on the Warhammer Community Site. The community site states “this 152-page journal enables you to record up to 72 games for four different armies”. Hopefully it doesn’t follow the same pattern as the 40K Crusade Journal that contained far too many Crusade sheets and nowhere near enough Unit sheets.

Age of Sigmar Realmscale – Ghurish Expanse : £30

A pair of sturdy card terrain boards that fold out to create a 44.8″ x 30″ battlefield.

Age of Sigmar General’s Handbook: Pitched Battles 2021 : £25

Contains 12 Battleplans, faction-specific Endless Spells, and the most up-to-date points values for Matched Play games.

Age of Sigmar Combat Gauge : £15

A newer version of the Combat Gauge that came out for the previous edition. The only difference is in the pattern moulded onto it. Useful if you don’t have one yet or are simply a competionist, but otherwise the old one works just fine 😉

Citadel Colour

Three new Citadel Colour base paints designed to mesh with the new edition’s Orruks and the featured setting – Orruk Flesh, Hobgrot Hide, and Thondia Brown.

Orruk Flesh £2.75

Hobgrot Hide £2.75

Thondia Brown £2.75

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