Age of Sigmar 3.0 Core Rules Download

GW have released the AoS 3.0 Core Rules download, get yours over at

This is a 44-page PDF with a nice layout, and covers pretty much everything you need to actually fight a battle between pre-chosen armies. Sections and rules are numbered, meaning it’s now far easier to point someone at a specific rule (“Just see section 4.1 for how the priority roll works”) – both for players and for any later updates/FAQ/commentary on the rules.

This is far more comprehensive than the earliest downloadable rules, going into details such as defensible terrain, garrisons, casting Endless Spells, priests (along with prayers and invocations), and monstrous rampages – although this may also make it more intimidating to beginners, where an 8-page pamphlet was probably far better for the first game or two. Personally, I think they could still reduce this to 8 pages of “essential rules” that just cover the basics of turns, moving and combat.

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