New Preorders 29-May-21

We’ve got the full list of new releases for 29th May, along with UK pricing!

Kicking off with Chapter Approved Grand Tournament Mission Pack / Munitorum Field Manual 2021 Mk II

40K Grand Tournament Mission Pack – £25

Then the sourcebook that concludes the Broken Realms storyline

Broken Realms: Kragnos – £25

Four new Battallion boxes, notably these were not mentioned on the preview this past Sunday.
Broken Realms: The Butcher-Herd – £70
Broken Realms: The Equisite Pursuit – £55
Broken Realms: Rattachak’s Doom-Coven – £55
Broken Realms: Drycha’s Spitegrove – £60

Previously exclusive to the Shadow and Pain boxed set, the Melusai Ironscale is now available individually

Daughters of Khaine: Melusai Ironscale – £21

Cities of Sigmar players have been waiting on these new Witch Hunters, hopefully we’ll get more of the Order of Azyr further down the line!

Cities of Sigmar: Galen & Doralia Ven Denst – £31.50

The new plastic Lord Kroak is seriously amazing, and is on my own shopping list this week.
Seraphon: Load Kroak – £74

Lets not forget Kragnos himself!
Kragnos, The End of Empires – £100

Finally in miniatures, we’ve got the new Sylvaneth Warsong Revenant, and Dexcessa, the Talon of Slaanesh (who can also be assembled as Synessa, the Voice of Slaanesh)
Sylvaneth: Warsong Revenant – £34.50
Dexcessa, the Talon of Slaanesh – £68.00

and a couple of paperback novels:

Realm-Lords – £8.99
Gotrek & Felix: The Sixth Omnibus – £12.99

If you’re in the UK, grab these from Element games for a nice discount – and we get commission, too!

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