Previews – Battle of Pelennor Fields, Kill Team, AoS, Adeptus Titanicus

First off, a quick note – I’m trying to keep updates to new and exciting content, which is why I’m not posting as much this month – a lot of recent releases have been for AoS 2.0 and Kill Team, and have been previewed in the weeks leading up to launch, so it just feels like spamming to keep mentioning the same things over and over.

So lets start with something that’s a bit different – A new Middle Earth boxed set!
The Battle of Pelennor Fields was announced a week ago at the Forge World Open Day, and noticably carries the new “Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game” branding.  It’ll come with a bunch of existing sprues for Morannon Orcs, Riders+Warriors of Rohan, and Army of the Dead, The Witch King of Angmar on Fell Beast, plus a brand new plastic Theoden in both Foot and Mounted poses.  It’ll also include the new hardback rulebook.  

Alongside the boxed set, there’ll be a new Armies of The Lord of the Rings book, and there’s some new Forge World kits on the way too.

The Battle of Pelennor Fields is scheduled for a September release.

Which brings is to Adeptus Titanicus.  The same Open Day article mentions the release is drawing closer, but doesn’t confirm the originally stated September release.  Given that Pelennor Fields is now coming out in September, we should prepare for the possible pushback of Adeptus Titanicus to October.  It’s not like GW to put out two big boxed games in the same month.

Meanwhile, next week sees some new preorders for both Kill Team and Age of Sigmar:

New Astra Militarum and Genestealer Kill Team expansions will be available for preorder (note that these contain minis and scenery, but are not needed in order to play that faction – all of the necessary info is in the core rulebook, so you can use existing minis if you prefer), along with a Sector Munitorum Kill Zone expansion (which does include some new tactics and missions)

 And for Age of Sigmar – Aventis Firestrike, Grand Magister of Hammerhal (which also doubles as a kit to make a generic Lord-Arcanum), the new version of the Black Coach, plus multi-part kits for Sequitors and Chainrasps.

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