Conversion Ideas – Klovis the Redeemer and Deacon Malakev

This week’s Underhive Informant has a preview of a pair of new Cawdor miniatures: Klovis the Redeemer and Deacon Malakev.

Well, new-ish. They were available in previous editions of Necromunda, as well as the stars of a graphic novel, but are now redesigned for the new edition.

Something that often strikes me is how useful Necromunda miniatures are for conversions. The obvious one would probably be using them as Imperial Guard (especially from a Necromundan regiment!), but many of the miniatures would look perfect in an Inquisitorial warband – especially as many of the classic miniatures for that purpose are no longer available. That’s just scraping the surface, as with a bit of work there’s so many more uses for them!

Malakev would be perfect as an Inqusitorial scribe, or a savant much like Eisenhorn’s long-time retinue member Aemos. You could even remove the legs, add a tracked undercarriage, and mount a pulpit on the back for a preacher to ride around on their own mobile-sermon-carriage-servitor! I sometimes like to make something purely for display (or fun games) that’s completely outside of the 40k ruleset, so I may actually do that one.

UnderhiveInformant Jun22 MalakevMini14h4

Meanwhile Klovis (and indeed many of the new Redemptionist models) would make great Imperial Preachers, especially the ultra-fanatical types that would join an Inquisitorial retinue to help burn the heretics, aliens, mutants, and witches.

UnderhiveInformant Jun22 Redeemer561h4

That’s just some initial thoughts. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

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