May 5th Releases: Idoneth Deepkin plus Necromunda and Blood Bowl!

New releases for 5th May 2018, preorder on 28th April, announced on Warhammer Community.

For Age of Sigmar, there’s three new heroes for your Idoneth Deepkin armies: the arcane Isharann Tidecaster, priestly Isharann Soulscryer, and er…  soul-stealing Isharann Soulrender!

In addition to that, there’s also some Necromunda Releases – Gang War III along with the Van Saar Gang, Dice, and Cards.  There’s also a deck of 26 blank fighter cards promised for a week later.

And that’s not all! Blood Bowl gets some love too, with the release of the Doom Lords team, and Spike Magazine issue 1, along with decks of Chaos and Skaven team cards, and a deck of Star Player cards!

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