News from Adepticon!

Announced today at AdeptiCon:

  • AoS storyline progresses after Malign Portents with what appears to be changes to magic (a new magic-themed expansion allowing us a larger selection of spells and more customization for casters, possibly?)
  • The next three 40K Codexes: Imperial Knights, Harlequins, and Deathwatch.
  • Combat Roster, a free online 40K army builder app.
  • The Idoneth Deepkin for Age of Sigmar – underwater-themed Aelves, including what appear to be shark riders, sea horse riders, octopus trainers, and some kind of leviathan creature.
  • New factions coming for Warhammer Underworlds (I suspect this will include a new starter set, possibly based in a different location to Shadespire)
  • An Age of Sigmar collectable card game, “Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions”
  • Plastic Sisters of Battle announced for 2019, with beta rules to come in Chapter Approved 2018.
  • New Imperial Knight models, including the Castellan, announced for release alongside the new Codex.
  • Warhammer Legends, a new Warhammer Community subsite carrying non-competition rules for classic miniatures in Age of Sigmar, along with waves of made-to-order classic miniatures.
  • Split shipping on website orders.
  • Exclusive models for independent events.

More details on some of these, including videos, can be found on the Warhammer Community site.


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